From the recording Lover of Life

John Towill - bass
Jamie Philp - electric guitar
Jim Serediak - acoustic guitar, vocals,
strings, percussion


The End of Summer

Geese fly across the face of the moon
The sultry heat of summer gone so soon
Believe I hear the rustle of autumn in the air
Feel an aspen leaf flutter down from there

The seasons move through the flow of time
The flow of time marks the years
Memories stir like an echoing
An echoing of my life – of my life

Saw a verdant spring – watched the garden grow
Waited for renewal through the wind and snow
Craved the freedom of an eagle’s wing
My churning soul awoke and my heart did sing


Water on the lake – shimmering and clear
I sense a certain peace, I don’t want to leave from here
Sunset gives me pangs of my youth that’s gone
It’s the end of summer, we must travel on (2x)