Lover of Life

Jim Serediak

Released 2018, and subsequently on nomination list for CKUA Radio's top 30 albums of the same year. ABOUT THE SONGS "Still to be Dreamed" is meant to encourage -- travel on in spite of adversity, and dream new dreams, whatever one's age. "Meaning is Elusive" suggests exactly that. However, if one reflects on what really matters in life, an answer may appear. "It's a Beautiful Day" focuses one on the shear beauty of this earth, and on being a part of this planet. "Night Tide", a guitar instrumental was composed with an image of the ocean tide breaking on shore in the moonlight. "The End of Summer" -- an analogy to the time of life I feel I am now living. I wish it were spring in that sense, but on we go. "Lover of Life" is an affirmation of my faith in 'faith, miracles and love'. I do like the strings and guitar delay in this song. "A Clearing Sky" -- an instrumental on nylon string; ECMish in nature -- thank you Ralph Towner, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny. "Living On" confirms for me that I wear many 'hats' in life, and that they are all of equal value. "That's what I do", says the song. "Shine Candle Flame Bright" is about renewal. My band mates and I closed many shows with this song. I consider it uplifting! "See You on the Other Side" is about the next life. The melody is a mix of The Tijuana Brass, Bruce Cockburn and Stanley Clarke.

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