I've Got This Song

Jim Serediak is pleased to announce the release of his 7th CD. “I've Got This Song” is an

archival collection of songs and instrumentals reflecting the wonder of life in all its hues;

the cosmic, the spiritual, the human condition, the grace of love and reflection. 

Lyrics, laced with nature imagery, are interwoven over a fabric of fingerstyle guitar. 

Influences from The Allman Brothers Band, to The Tijuana Brass , to Bruce Cockburn 

and guitar players like Ralph Towner have molded Jim’s musical journey since he 

embraced the guitar at age eleven. Jim went on to study music formally at what 

is now called MacEwan University in Edmonton, after which he pursued a 

musical path leading him to perform at numerous clubs, festivals and radio 

stations over many years. On “I've Got This Song”, as on most Serediak 

recordings, Jamie Philp’s ethereal guitar, and John Towill’s evocative 

bass leave their pleasing trademark. Add to this trio the percussion and drumming

of Jim Ross and the cello of Cheryl Berkowitz, and one has a very unique sounding

ensemble. We hope you enjoy the music!





"I've Got This Song" is the anthem of the album. Music gives me resiliency and strength.

"Waiting" is a part of life. Waiting for love is a special part of life.

"These Mountains Sacred" tries to reach a mutual understanding of Indigenous and Western spirituality.

"Breathing Arctic Light" -- a guitar instrumental, exploring the merging of the senses. Imagine breathing in space and colour.

"That Pounding in My Brain" is a voicing of my nuclear anxiety which I know I share with many listeners.

"Through Eloquent Light" -- my channeling of guitarists Egberto Gismonti and Pat Metheny.

"Behind Glass Curtain" reflects upon the human condition; the search for love, friendship and meaning.

"I Never Really" describes the denial of love when one party alters the emotional landscape.

"The One In a Thousand Goodbyes" is a 'song story'; this one about heart break.

"The Bison Plains" -- a guitar painting of the plains before human cohabitation.

"The Leaves are Turning, Turning" -- "It takes me back, takes me back -- young boy running through the field".

"The Magnetic North" -- trying to capture the magnetism of an Arctic landscape on guitar.

"Women" is simply all about the feminine mystique.

"If Only"--a contemplation on a world where compassion is forefront to all considerations.